Guardian Series

Although I am not a religious person (nor are the guardians intended to express religious beliefs), it might seem so when viewing their most prominent features: halos and wings. In truth, the guardians were prompted by a major event following a year of Pandemic unrest: the insurrection on January 6th at our nation’s Capital.

I needed an outlet to counteract my dismay, and the next day began work on “Guardian 1- Peace and Justice.” When I finished Peace and Justice, I knew it was not the only representation of a gentler nation that I wanted to express.

Almost every culture or religion believes in ethereal entities that act as a bridge between humanity and who point the way to a better world. I also sensed the guardians were non-binary (neither male nor female) and needed to represent all. The viewer is welcome to identify a Guardian as masculine or feminine, but they truly are intended as “they.”

As each guardian’s focus was decided (protectors of seasons, crops, elements, etc.), I let their features emerge organically as I worked. This was part of my process for them to be universal and inclusive, and to honor friends and family.

The Guardian Series represents my hope for the future. What you see before you is about half the series planned for completion by 2025.