About the Artist

Photograph of Madeline, a white female, long hair, posing with a paint brush in front of her painting Old Goat.
Madeline and Friend

Madeline MacGregor is an artist and writer living in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Many of her whimsical and colorful paintings feature ‘anatomically incorrect’ creatures thriving in a fantasy world—where even snakes sport a toothy grin.

Madeline also addresses mobility and disability in her work. “As a physically disabled person, I try to find ways to express and represent disability in my work. Many who are confined to wheelchairs or use other aids to navigate a world geared towards the able-bodied are fully present human beings, despite how the world may perceive us.” Her Pandemic Blues series interprets how compromised immune systems remain at greater risk and what chronic pain may feel like.

Her Guardian Series represents a universally inclusive world of different faiths, cultures and ethnicities. “I think when I finally found out my diverse roots, it was no surprise why I felt drawn to certain cultures and ethnicities. I look for ways to include not only my own origins but those of other family and friends, and to be sensitive that I am not using cultural appropriation to express this.”

Shop for her original acrylic paintings on canvas, limited edition gicleé prints, greeting cards, magnets, and reusable farmers’ market shopping bags in the online shop or look for her products at local Oregon retailers.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale are donated to help end hunger, and to encourage the adoption and fostering of furry, feathered or scaled friends at Oregon shelters. Madeline also donates in-kind art and product to Oregon charities that help single-parent families, veterans, and those who suffered the loss of their homes from wildfire. She sits on the Board of Directors for Albany Visitors Association and helps to promote economic development and tourism in her community.